The Strings Chose Me.

When I was younger and I told my mother that I would choose music over playing sports I did not know that I would embark on an adventure filled with rewarding moments, competing with my inner spirit and challenges. While deepening connections and learning what it means to really be a winner. I felt as though I was following in the footsteps of other composers such as;Cameron Clarence White,Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges and Florence Price.

Being a Washingtonian throughout this journey has been equally as special. Especially during a time when there seems to be shift in generations within the art and music scene of DC. I am proud to be a Cellist from Washington DC and I am willing to share that with the world. During my time as young adolescent,music kept me focused and determined. It made me become strong and strive for more. I will always be an advocate for music to empower the youth because I do feel that it has some components to it, to increase personal growth .

I have also noticed that there are articles published that bring up the topic of there being a decline in music and art that is formulated in Washington DC. This brings me to the importance of motivating the creative side of young people so that they can continue to enhance generations of tradition ,but also bring new ideas. Encourage the youth so they understand that they do not have to choose only one path in life but they can choose two or three, to share their ideas while bringing communities closer.

I would love to write more, but I am willing to respond in the comment section.

Keep music alive!

-Benjamin Gates : @BenjaminGates0

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